Hi! I’m Amber,  wife and homeschooling mom of 3 beautiful girls. My measuring tape from Marry Poppins carpet bag reads- Imperfect in EVERY way.

I love a good adventure and I find freedom in writing and sharing my heart. I am learning to be more transparent and in doing that I find myself longing to be more like my rescuer Jesus Christ. I am unworthy to utter His name, so to strive to be more like Him is an hourly, minute by minute struggle that is worth the fight!

I have a calling to lead and encourage.  My prayer is to be obedient to God’s calling and my writing and vloging is a start to this journey.  My hope is to encourage other moms and help to build them up on their journey with God.  Training them up will be geared more toward homeschooling families but you will find some videos from my “Dream Blog- Love Is Ours” in this blog from time to time that just talk about life and my walk with God.

I will strive to share my heart and mind honestly to the core my goal being to help someone with their daily struggles as life tosses us through its crashing waves of circumstances and harsh realities. However our short journey here on Earth, though harsh and raw, is full of blessings and beautiful promises and a great hope from the Creator who longs after our hearts. In Him is great joy and everlasting life!