We’re in this together

We as parents know how exceptional our children are. They are so curious and they soak up information like a sponge! Oh how I would like to spend a day in my 7 year olds mind or even my 3 year olds mind… what a place of wonder and adventure it must be… It is just another one of those thoughts that circle right back around to how AMAZING God is!
As a mom, God has entrusted us with His little warriors, His world changers,  and though every parent may not be called to be a homeschooling parent, for those of us that are- the responsibility that weighs on our shoulders as mom and educators for them…well let’s just say- it is not easy to balance and some days it just feels impossible! 2 things to remember, and hopefully to encourage you:


Points to Encourage

#1- If God has called you to homeschool your children He did so because He knew that- you, your home, and your children would flourish and be better equipped for His purposes by being obedient to that calling. My friends, that is where our focus should be- In the center of His will, we should always be looking and yes, sometimes waiting on His guidance. He has never promised his followers that it would be easy, in fact He told us (in His word) that life would be very difficult. However, being near to God through it all makes life worth doing, and we will find great joy, even on our worst days, when our eyes are fixed on Him! So what is #1 again 🤷‍♀️- If God has called you to homeschool, you are equipped to do so and God knows what is BEST for you and your family, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
#2- we were not made to do life alone, so don’t think that because it is called “HOMEschool” that you trap yourself inside, isolate yourself and your children, and get completely overwhelmed! DO NOT DO THIS ALONE! Even if my description above was a little too intense (like, duh- I know I don’t have to isolate me and my children just because it’s homeschool 🙄) it does seem that most stay-at-home moms/homeschooling moms tend to slowly isolate themselves because they get overwhelmed with- the house, with the school work, with the discipline of running an “at home”school when there is a baby or a toddler running around the house trying to find things TO CHOKE ON! 😱 OR you have multiple kids of all ages and the organization/structure to make a successful school day happen becomes too much to manage along with the household chores and needs… and let’s not forget that we have to meal plan or just find something for everyone to eat throughout the day.   YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  Everything in your head wants to tell you that you are losing your mind, you are messing up your children, and that you are the biggest mistake that ever happened to your family… THESE ARE LIES.  They feel real at times, but it is a scheme to stop you from raising up those little warriors the way that God knows is best.  And lets not shy away from the fact that this, is indeed a strengthening  time for you as well, we will get to that point later on.   Let’s recap- What were those two points of encouragement again? 🤷‍♀️

#1- If God has called you to homeschool, it is what is BEST for you and your family.

#2- We are not made to do life alone, so do not try and do homeschooling alone!  Community is needed.

Digging a little deeper.

Raise your hand if you have considered going back to work because life was more organized and the day was less complicated before you stepped into this calling that is way bigger than yourself??   That calling called- HOMESCHOOLING.   I have thought it many times.   The truth of it is, is that this IS much bigger than ourselves and so do not rely on your own strength and your knowledge to carry you through this.  Accept Gods calling for you to homeschool with much humility (because Lord knows its VERY humbling) and walk this calling out with others who are called to homeschool.    I don’t know about you, but this is true in my life-  when God calls me to something, I have learned to prepare myself for some lessons… hard lessons.  God has taken me into places and circumstances and brought me out of them a changed person and it was for my benefit and I am thankful for every one, even if I was broken in the process because He was there to help me learn and grow much stronger than before.   You see, when I accepted this call to educate my children, God knew that my home was being set up for challenges, breakdowns, building up, growth, and education… not only for my children BUT for me.

Learn. Grow. Move On.

Accepting the call– I am guessing that if you are reading this you already have accepted the call to homeschool or you are feeling God leading you in that direction- stay close to Him follow His lead!

Do Not do this alone– Connect.  Find a community that is a good fit for you and your whole family.  It may take some trial runs, some great experiences and not so great experiences but know that there is great value in community and its worth fighting for.  Go where God leads (and that might not be the same community spot  year after year so just stay open and receptive).   This topic for me is HUGE.  I know the value in community, I have experienced it and it is good.  However, community is hard- yes, it is hard.  It takes work to be apart of a group of people, but it is worth it!  The hardest part, maybe, is you finding your place and heeding to God’s calling and not just defaulting to what is convenient  or easy.  Remember staying in the comfortable spaces rarely promotes growth, so TRUST the process or the journey that God is taking you on. Some things that feel like mistakes are sometimes just hard lessons learned. Some places and people are only meant for a season- learn, grow, and move on.

I hope this was an encouraging post for you!  Share your heart below in the comments.

Living out the call,


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